Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Talking Stick Festival 2016, Workshops for Schools

As part of the Talking Stick Festival programming and Full Circle First Nations Performance's mandate, Workshops in Schools is a program that is incorporated into the school curriculum to expose school aged children to the teachings and rich history of the First Nations People. Workshops include Powwow Dancing, Storytelling, Metis Jigging, Hip Hop and more.
The program is accessible to all Metro Vancouver schools and students from Kindergarten to grade 12 in areas with high Aboriginal population, based on the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement (Vancouver School Board)
  • Designed to offer first-hand experience in Aboriginal arts programs that directly builds their skills
  • Enriches school curriculum by offering interactive workshops taught by experienced artists delivered directly to classrooms of Kindergarten to grade 12 students
  • Enhances Aboriginal children's sense of belonging in the community and builds pride about tstorytellerheir culture and rich history
This year's brochure and guidelines will be made available soon.
The series consist of storytelling, performing and visual arts workshops and classes programmed directly into schools and community centres in areas where many members of the Aboriginal community reside.
Each session is designed to emphasize interaction, participation, dialogue and education in a lively, creative environment. The bottom line is fun!
We offer this program to students in order to preserve the language, culture and art forms of the First Nations people, to encourage creativity, to build self-esteem and to share! The stories and art practices of First Nations culture have enormous depth, they are rich with teachings, and they are as relevant today as they were in the past.
We conduct workshops in your classroom, school gymnasium or in your local community centre! You choose what works best for you!
All workshops and classes are facilitated by leading professional artists who have worked nationally and internationally. 
How Much
All workshops are offered at a suggested donation of $150. No school will be turned away due to financial restrictions.
Full Circle currently offers the following:
  • Traditional Storytelling
  • Métis Jigging
  • Powwow Dancing
  • West Coast Singing and Dancing
  • Movement Response Workshops
  • Irquois Workshops
  • TSF Colouring Contest
Subject to change.
  • TSF Poster Design Contest
Madeleine McCallum, Education and Outreach Coordinator: 
Sponsored by: Vancity 

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