Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Edge of the Knife screening

Talking Stick Festival

Reel Reservations: Edge of the Knife
 High School Screening

Wednesday, February 27th - 1pm
Thursday, February 28th - 1pm
VIFF Vancity Theatre
1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Full Circle's Talking Stick Festival, now in its 18th year, began as a way to showcase and celebrate Indigenous art and performance to a wider audience. From its humble beginnings, this unique and exciting event has grown into a full 2-week Festival held annually in February at locations across Vancouver.

This year's #TSF2019 theme is "hən̓əm̓stəmxw tə syəθ" (pronounced huh-num-stoh teh see-yahl), which translates to "using tradition".

We welcome you to join in the Talking Stick festivities with a special high school screening of Haida language feature, Edge of the Knife (Sgaawaay K'uuna).

EDGE OF THE KNIFE (Sgaawaay K'uuna)
Gwaai Edenshaw, Helen Haig-Brown, Canada, 2018

100 mins.
In Haida with English subtitles. 
Classification: 14A - Violence 
Curriculum Interest: BC First peoples 12, Social Studies 10 & 11, English First Peoples

Filmed on stunning Haida Gwaii, Gwaai Edenshaw and Helen Haig-Brown's 19th-century epic is a nod to the grand storytelling traditions that lure us to the big screen. The fact that it's the first narrative scripted and shot in two dialects of the endangered Haida language-which has only 20-odd fluent speakers left-also certifies it as a landmark work of cinema.

Guilt-ridden after a tragic accident at sea, Adiits'ii (Tyler York) retreats into the wilderness where he's plagued by spirits and transformed into Gaagiixiid/Gaagiid, the Haida Wildman. As his loved ones, including best friend Kwa (William Russ), set out to capture and cure him, Adiits'ii grows increasingly feral.

Working in collaboration with Isuma, the team responsible for Atanarjuat: The Fast Runner, Edenshaw and Haig-Brown harness raging elements and swirling emotions to craft a riveting dramatization of this classic Haida tale of survival, forgiveness and community.

Best BC Film, VIFF 2018, Best Canadian Film, VIFF 2018
bookingBooking Information

Wednesday, February 27 - 1pm
Thursday, February 28 - 1pm

Where: VIFF Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Up to 50 students - $400
Over 50 students - $7/student
Over 75 students - $600

 Email with your school name and the number of students and supervisors you would like to book for.

We hope you can join us!

Ellyn Hadley
VIFF Education Coordinator
T: 604.685.0260 ext.866

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Indigenous Art and the Classroom Pro-D Opportunity

Indigenous Art and the Classroom
1-3pm, Friday January 25th
Join First Nation artists Cease and Senaqwila Wyss to learn more about Indigenous art, history and culture in Vancouver and how to incorporate it into your teaching. Explore how inquiry based, object led learning outside the classroom can support your delivery of the curriculum through engaging with Indigenous and Vancouver Biennale art works.
Meet at the Museum of Vancouver for this hands on, artist led session. A resource list compiled by the artists will be provided for you to take away.
The session will include walking through Vanier Park and spending time outside looking at the Welcome Figure and Paradise Has Many Gates so please wear warm and waterproof clothing and appropriate footwear. 
$20 (100% of this fee goes to the artists)
After the workshop, admission to the Museum of Vancouver and their Haida Now exhibition is also offered at a discounted rate of $11.55 to workshop participants (usually Adult: $20.50). This exhibition is on until April 2020 and the museum offers a range of related school programming which could accompany a visit. Tickets must be purchased in advance via this page to take advantage of this price. 
(If the weather is too wet then the session will happen mostly indoors at the Museum of Vancouver)

Monday, January 14, 2019

Talking Stick Festival (February 19 - March 2)

The Talking Stick Festival provides workshops in schools.  
The series consist of storytelling, performing and visual arts workshops and classes programmed directly into schools and community centres in areas where many members of the Aboriginal community reside
Workshops in Schools is a series of workshops designed under the guidelines of the Aboriginal Enhancement Agreement.
Stories and art practices of Aboriginal culture have enormous depth and richness with teachings as relevant today as they were so many years ago. The purpose of this program is to preserve the language, culture and art forms of Aboriginal people.
All of our interactive cultural workshops are specially designed for either children and youth of all ages to learn and discover aboriginal culture in a lively and creative environment.
Our workshops include: Storytelling, Métis Jigging, Hip Hop, Powwow Dancing, Coast Salish Dancing & Singing. 
All workshops are subject to availability. For more information, please see our Workshops in Schools Brochure.
Registration to be completed by February 6, 2019.
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