Tuesday, April 10, 2018

First Peoples Child and Family Review

Young people are experts in love and fairness, and leaders in the reconciliation movement. It is our great pleasure to present this special child and youth edition of the First Peoples Child & Family Review. Meaningful reconciliation must engage young people in learning about Canada’s history of colonization, encourage creative thinking about the future, and provide opportunities for children and youth to make a difference. Engaging young people in reconciliation and social justice nurtures compassion and moral courage, and bolsters self-confidence. Adults have much to learn from the wisdom of children and youth. 

Each submission in the journal was reviewed by another young person to ensure the publication is respectful and conveys fairness, togetherness, respect, and love. 
Thank you to all the children and youth who sent submissions for the journal. We recognize and greatly appreciate all of the hard work that went into each and every submission. We encourage all of you to keep on doing the amazing things you are doing to make this country one that uplifts both Indigenous and non-Indigenous children, youth, and their families. We look forward to the future with hope for a brighter, better Canada for all.

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