Monday, January 15, 2018


On January 18th, Artlatch will transform Massey Theatre into a gathering/witnessing space for the work of reawakening + sharing artistic and culture gifts. Artlatch marks the official launch Skookum Indigenous Arts Series, a new artistic partnership between Savage Society and Massey Theatre Society.

The ‘potlatch’ is often remembered for its grand giveaways and redistribution of wealth by a chief or respected leader in the community. Canoes would travel from many distances around to witness the work the host of the ‘sɫənəq’ (pronounced sl-t-en-ek)or gathering had in mind. In the same essence, we look to use art as a gift and reason to gather and take space in our own ‘Artlatch’. A space to gather, to share, to bundle and to give with arts, performance, music, history, stories, dance, drumming and all other creative gifts

Artlatch January 18th
3:30 pm Family Pow Wow Dance Class, Wild Moccasin Dancers (all welcome)
4:30pm Catered Public Reception with catering from Bigheart Bannock Catering
5pm Artlatch begins  (Performances by Kevin Loring, Ron Dean Harris, Brandon Gabriel, Sam Bob, Valeen Jules, Maggie Grier, Jaz Scuff, DJ Kookum, Sandy Scofield

Come witness.

For more information, please check out the Massey Theatre website

Please RSVP to and let us know how many people you will have joining you

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