Monday, June 5, 2017

Drum Making Workshop

Drum-making workshop with Phil and Gisele L'Hirondelle!
Join First Nations Elders Phil and Gisele L'Hirondelle for a very special weekend event where we will learn the sacred art of drum making and create our own drums.
Phil Mechuskosis L'Hirondelle
Phil Mechuskosis L’Hirondelle is a Cree Elder who has been a Sundancer since the early 90’s.  He was born in Calgary, Alberta and was trained from age 5 while traveling with his Father.  He has also trained with other elders from his late teens such Chief Robert Smallboy, Wallace Black Elk, Grandfather Vince Stogen, Grandfather Sylvester Joe, Grandmother Mary Uslick and others.  His Eastern influences are: Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Devananda Saraswati, Ramana Maharishi, Ram Surat Kumar and Master Dhyan Vimal. He brings a unique blend of Aboriginal and Eastern tradition to his present day Sacred Work teachings.  He works with his wife Gisèle of Mi’kmaq and Acadian heritage (Blue Heartstone Flicker Woman) and together they have a wide variety of programs and ceremonies.
Phil also works at the Native Education College in the capacity of Elder and also brings workshops and teachings and Elders in the Vancouver Community Colleges, Downtown and Broadway campuses, and also at Capilano University. He is also active in the Lower Mainland bringing ceremonies, teachings and workshops in the community. 
Phil also worked as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer at Kwikwexwelhp Healing Village working side by side with elder’s Robert Nahanee, Grandmother Rita Leon, and Helen Joe. He is presently an Elder and Programs Officer for Corrections Canada medium security in the Lower Mainland.
Gisèle L'Hirondelle - Blue Heartstone Flicker Woman
Gisèle L’Hirondelle, also known as Blue Heartstone Flicker Woman, was born in New Brunswick in the Acadian Peninsula. She has Mi’kmaq heritage on her Mother’s side. She moved to Vancouver BC in April of 1985 to start a new life with her two children. She has a background in marketing and for the last 10 years, in Human Resources. She is now involved with Friends To Mankind and the School of Mastery, which are based on Master Dhyan Vimal’s teachings.
Phil and Gisèle got married in June 2000 and they have been working together doing Native Teachings and ceremonies since the mid 90’s. Gisèle has been involved in crafts all her life; it is her passion and her meditation. She is well known for her ribbon shirts, ribbon dresses, sweat dresses, bundle mats, and her unique drum bags amongst many other things. You can find her drum bags all over the world. She also loves teaching others how to make their own drum, dream catthers and rattles.
Honour fee: $150, plus $10 donation to the Soul Mind Body Centre
IMPORTANT NOTE: All registrations must be made in person at the Centre, via cash or cheque ONLY. Please reserve your place BEFORE JUNE 10TH, to avoid workshop cancelation.
This workshop is available in person only. There will be no webcast.

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