Thursday, November 24, 2016

New Indigenous Colouring Books

The countdown is on ...

Mark your calendars and set your alarms ... tell your cousin, tell your sister, tell your auntie ... 7AM - Friday -  November 25th ... its the official launch of our brand new Indigenous coloring books ... (if you missed downloading your free pdf review copies, simply CLICK HERE) ...


  • NAPI: A Coloring Experience

  • UNeducation: A Coloring Experience

  • The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection

Jam-packed with authentically Indigenous images and stories, they each offer a coloring experience unlike any you've seen before. With such a huge multi-book launch looming, I've been getting endless questions. Over the next few days I'm gonna give you an exclusive behind the scenes ... creating the books, sneak peeks inside and even a little glimpse into my life as an Indigenous author and artist.

So kick back and get comfy, I'm about to school you ...

NAPI: A Coloring Experience

It all starts with an idea ...

I grew up with NAPI legends ... my late grandpa, Glen EagleSpeaker, told me countless stories during our many cross country drives in his green and wood-paneled station wagon.

Whenever I had a problem, he always had a NAPI story as the answer. With some stories, the lesson was obvious. With others, it took awhile to understand, but made perfect sense as I grew older.

Who is NAPI?

Pronounced "NAW-PEA", he is a Blackfoot trickster ... a trouble maker ... a foolish being ... he teaches us what not to do. Blackfoot people have been using NAPI as an educational and motivational tool for thousands of years. Countless generations have survived, and thrived, from the priceless knowledge that NAPI introduces.

It is said that NAPI could talk with all living things--the animals, plants, rocks, everything. He teased, pulled pranks, many times on himself. His actions began a cycle of existence.

Every Blackfoot family has their own interpretation of the various NAPI stories, but each has a common moral in the ending. One story might teach a lesson or prove a point; another story may tell of how a certain part of nature came to be. All Blackfoot people know of NAPI, from the serious side of his creation to his foolish and spiteful deeds.

Based on my graphic novel/self help series, "NAPI: The Trixster", this new coloring experience came about when an anonymous reviewer left an amazing quote:

"Several of my students expressed a desire to color the illustrations. To me the act of coloring is a metaphor for what I found myself doing, placing my life stories in the context of the NAPI short stories."

UNeducation: A Coloring Experience

My entire family attended residential schools ...

My mother, my aunts, my uncles, my grandparents, my great uncles, my great aunts, my great grandparents - all the way back to the late 1800s - they were all students in the mandatory residential school system.


That's right, up until just recently, Indigenous families had no choice but to send their children to residential schools - it was a federal law that was rigorously enforced. Many parents were even required to sign over guardianship to the head of the school - IMAGINE THAT !!!

You may be asking yourself:

"How could this be? How come I never learned about this? Why wasn't this in my history class?"

I wish I had an easy answer for you, perhaps the facts weren't readily available back then. Look at it this way - in today's era of technology, ignorance is a choice. Only recently, has authentic information been made easily and instantly accessible. Now,anyone anywhere anytime can simply google "residential school system" and limitless links pop up.

This coloring book came about through a myriad of requests from schools (and other impactful people) asking for coloring resources related to the residential school era.

As a companion to the best selling "UNeducation: A Residential School Graphic Novel"series, think of "UNeducation: A Coloring Experience" as exactly that - an experience. A necessary introduction to very difficult subject matter.

The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection

Even amazing images can go unused ...

Amid sketchbooks overflowing with astounding never-before-seen content, these illustrations have always begged for a proper home. That's what "The Completely Capricious Coloring Collection" is all about - random requests, odd designs, incidental images, accidental doodles, whimsical characters, alternate comics, custom commissions and arbitrary art. I crammed everything I could find in there.

No rhyme or reason ?

Exactly, so leave your expectations at the door and simply let acceptance guide you.

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Thats it for now ...
Until next time ...

Pride, Peace
& Frybread Grease

- Jason EagleSpeaker

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