Saturday, October 15, 2016

Indigenous Curriculum Resources

Here is a message from publisher, Theytus Books (, a First Nations-owned and operated and a leading North American publisher of indigenous voices:

We understand this can be a daunting task to find authentic First Nations stories and
materials to use in your class. Theytus Books has been publishing Indigenous stories
for more than 33 years and in the following pages we will highlight some of the
incredible selections of books that can help Indigenize the classroom. We have also
included a fact sheet and links to websites that can be used in collaboration to create
more Indigenous materials and curriculum in your classroom.
Using the three core competencies we identified the books that may be of service to the
area, they are marked as follows:



Personal and Social

We are thankful you have chosen to indigenize your classroom and commit to the
healing and reconciliation between Indigenous people and non-Indigenous people in

We hope our books can be of service in this area.

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