Thursday, January 28, 2016

French Secondary Aboriginal Resource

Aboriginal Content in the French Curriculum SLSS:
Created by Aviva Levin & Meghan Henrickson (in consultation with Erin Matheny and Deborah Dodds) – January 26, 2016

Possible Aboriginal enhancements
Le Grand Voyage
-        map of Canada (p.48)
o   discuss the Inuit of Quebec
§  doing basic introductions in Inuktitut syllabics
-        add slang/dialect words from different cultures around la francophonie, including Métis
o   students at SLSS seem to identify strongly with the mixed heritage of the Metis

-        Aboriginal origin words for the monsters discussed
-        (p.121) “Certains monstres du Canada ont leur origine dans les legends autochtones”
o   Find original Native myths for the phenomenon and modify for a grade 8 level
-        Music of the 60s, 70s, 80s
o   Look at the careers of Buffy Sainte Marie (Cree)
o   Robbie Robertson (Mohawk)
-        Clothing of the 60s, 70s, 80s
o   Issue of appropriation of Native traditions in popular clothing (potentially adapt the article about D2)

En Route vers la francophonie
-        See ‘le grand voyage’ (above)
-        Les accents de partout (p.20)
o   Accents of Canadians (Quebec, Acadian, Metis, Inuit French speakers)

Ça brasse
-        See ‘retro-monde’ (above)
-        Music from Canada
o   ‘Kashtin’ (Aboriginal folk)
o   social justice hip hop (Quebec)
Studio Créateur
-        showcase an Aboriginal artist
o   ex. local = Bill Reed
-        survey of different Aboriginal art styles
o   contrast to traditional European art
o   highlight the cultural diversity (non-homogeneity) of Ab. Cultures
-        opportunity to invite an Aboriginal guest artist into the classroom

En Maintenant, Passons aux nouvelles
-        include Aboriginal issues as a news item
-        expand on the info-culture: “APTN: Le reseau de television des peuples autochtones” (p.83)

Le folklore urbain
-        same as ‘phenomene’ above
-        expand on the info-culture: “l’arbre de vie” (p.140)
-        possible pen pals with a northern school district

-        love story (“la premiere couple”) in magazine (Amour 101)

Les légendes autochtones
-        unit is already almost solely Aboriginal focused

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