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On-line Teacher Resources for Indigenous Education

Aboriginal Education Resources
(K-9 classroom focus)


A UBC resource on topics relating to the histories, politics, and cultures of the Aboriginal peoples of Canada. This website was developed to provide instructors, researchers and the public with a place to begin exploring topics that relate to Aboriginal peoples, cultures, and histories.


A thorough UBC resource that focuses on Indigenous perspectives, curricular resources (e.g. links, texts, children’s literature), multimedia, and literature that links theory to practice.

The BC Ministry of Education Aboriginal Education portal has several important documents and links archived, including BC maps, and the cross-curricular document, Shared Learnings K-10 (find under Learning Resources on this page).

The First Nations Education Steering Committee website has valuable resources under the Resources tab, and then the First Peoples Curriculum and Classroom Resources tab, including the First People’s Principles of Learning, and the curricula for English First Peoples (grades 10-12) and Math First Peoples (Grades 8-9).  Click on First Peoples Authentic Classroom Resources – K-7 and K-3 to access an extensive book list of authentic First Peoples texts, and a document for K-3 classroom teachers called, “In Our Own Words: Bringing Authentic First Peoples Content to the K-3 Classroom”.

The Canadian government website for Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development/Indian and Northern Affairs Canada has teacher resources.  Go to Aboriginal Arts, Culture and Heritage tab, kids’ stop tab, classroom resources tab to access Learning Circle resources with lesson ideas and stories for students ages 4-16.


Teaches elementary mathematics through Aboriginal storytelling.  Series of videos can be viewed under stories/movies tab.
An amazing BC resource for Aboriginal knowledge about local plants and their uses as food and medicines.
Great resources on anti-discrimination education, including video resources.
CBC series about contemporary Aboriginal issues, with teacher guide.

Residential Schools Websites:
Project of heart is an inquiry-based project about the history of Aboriginal people in Canada.                                                                                                                                 This is the website of the truth and reconciliation commission of Canada.   Under resources
tab, click on They Came for the Children for a teacher’s guide.

Residential Schools Videos:
We Were Children.  2012 National Film Board film on Canadian Residential Schools available for booking from the DRC.
Savage.  6 minute film by Canadian Anishinaabe filmmaker Lisa Jackson.


A district blog of professional learning opportunities, district and community initiatives and events.

A district blog for teachers sharing out their lived classroom experiences teaching with an Aboriginal focus.


Richmond’s District Resource Centre (DRC).  On Richnet, go to the DRC Media Manager Catalog and search “Aboriginal Content” or “Aboriginal Kits” to access many kits and resources available on loan to teachers.
UBC library for the First Nations House of Learning.  UBC alumni can borrow for free with an Alumni Card.


A local company that sells authentic Indigenous resources, and provides lesson plans for some titles.

For more information, contact Leanne McColl, Teacher Consultant, at

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